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Grace Garfield
Grace Garfield

About Me

My personal & professional background

 My name is Grace Garfield. I was born in Guatemala City & adopted 23 years ago. Growing up I learned to love music by learning to play the violin at a young age. This led to me being a music teacher when I was in middle school & high school. I have a passion for conservation & environmentalism. I am currently in my third year trying to grow milkweed for the Monarch Butterflies.


In 2017 I opened the doors to "A Helping Hand Global" my 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Vancouver, Washington.  There were several natural disasters that year & I felt helpless as to what I could do many miles away. I noticed that while collecting supplies like water & blankets, nobody mentioned menstrual products. As someone who started their period at a young age, if I was in a flood or natural disaster during my period it would elevate stress levels in an already extremely distressing situation.


This started my main goal of my non-profit "Care Kits." They are metal & waterproof tins that included tampons & pads with various sizes, feminine wipes, sanitizing hand wipes, pre-packaged pain relievers, and a re-usable menstrual cup that lasts for 10 years thanks to my corporate sponsors. I wanted these Care Kits to not only satisfy a need but also to brighten their day so each metal kit was uniquely decorated & painted by a community volunteer or myself. Our first donation of Care Kits went to Must Ministries, a 501(c)(3) for distribution to anyone who experiences menstruation during a natural disaster or while houseless.

Through some introspection, inspiration, and some time-management, I decided to put my non-profit on hold, open my own business & idea development company LoveJoy Media, & teach a 6-week children's fundamental music program this summer at Brentwood Park.  

Whether it's starting your own podcast, publishing your book, creating an online shop, or developing a current business or idea--I'm your person. I can create your own unique website, help with business taxes, file your business license, write & send press releases, complete a target market analysis, & more.

I look forward to meeting you & hearing you awesome ideas!

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